Maths No Problem

Cheam Common Academy follows a maths mastery scheme called "Maths - No Problem!” which is based on a mastery approach and has had significant success in Singapore. The programme is designed and organised to ensure that children fully master key maths concepts in a visual and practical way. Pupils explore concepts using concrete materials, before progressing to pictorial and finally abstract.

Maths is taught daily and lessons typically are broken into four parts: 

In Focus – the class spends time on a question guided by the teacher. The children are encouraged during this time to think of as many ways as possible to solve the question.

Guided Practice – practice new ideas in groups, pairs or individually guided by the teacher.

Independent Practice – practice on your own. Once children have mastered the concept they use their reasoning and problem solving skills to develop their depth of learning.

Challenge- to consolidate what they have been learning or to extend their thinking. A challenge can happen at any part of the lesson. We believe in challenge for everyone and achievement for all.