Curriculum Overview

At Cheam Common infants’ Academy we seek to provide an engaging and stimulating curriculum that will enable our children to become effective lifelong learners.

Our aim is to develop confident and independent pupils who reach their full potential and develop a love of learning. Through the curriculum they will be able to apply key skills and understand themselves and others, and also the world around them. We encourage and support our children to become global citizens, tolerant, and able to communicate with people from a range of cultures, backgrounds and traditions. 

In the Early Years children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Key Stage 1 they follow the National Curriculum.  For all our children we place great emphasis on active learning and on developing children’s confidence and their ability to work with others. We strongly believe in the principles of ‘Assessment for Learning’ – that children fully understand exactly what they are asked to do, how they are to achieve this and to share responsibility for their own learning.

We recognise the importance of early reading and so at the heart of our curriculum we have established a strong reading culture acknowledging that interest and enjoyment are key motivators for helping children to learn to read. Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling and this has far reaching implications for lifelong confidence and well being. 

Children enjoy learning through an exciting and engaging curriculum that is enriched through school trips, themed weeks such as Art, Science and Book week and extracurricular activities. We arrange for special events which stimulate the interest of the children such as visits from storytellers, authors and musicians. We organise visits, workshops, exhibitions and performances to celebrate our learning.

We understand that different children learn in different ways, so they are taught through a variety of approaches – whole class sessions, group work and individual teaching. In addition, a variety of learning styles are catered for. Much of their learning takes place through practical experience, investigation and problem solving.  In an ever changing world, we feel it is vital for children to be comfortable with new and emerging technologies.

Further information about the National Curriculum can be found here:

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