Welcome from the Principal

As Principal of Cheam Common Infants’ Academy I would like to extend a really warm welcome to you all.  At this school, children are enabled to achieve very high standards of attainment and make excellent progress in all areas. 

Our committed staff want every child to love coming to school, to be able to achieve their fullest potential both academically and as individuals, build good social and emotional skills and to be healthy and happy children.  This we do within a safe, stimulating and caring environment. We provide many opportunities through our everyday curriculum and through the provision of additional clubs, responsibilities and projects. Our Forest school offers the children regular active cross curricular outdoor learning, providing them with a really broad and balanced curriculum offer. The children build the appropriate skills, qualities, self-confidence and self-awareness to become independent and responsible members of our school community.  We celebrate who the children are and reward their efforts and successes in all areas of school life.  At Cheam Common Infants’ Academy we actively encourage children to walk, scoot or cycle to school and teach them how to do this safely.  Cheam Common Infants’ Academy is a very musical, physically active and artistic community and nurture these skills in all our children throughout their education here.  

As a thriving multi-cultural school we foster in children a knowledge and understanding of the different languages and cultures in our own community and actively celebrate and involve all of them.  Our own LEO catering service also provides us with the tastes of the world so that all children feel valued and included; the menus are closely linked with our curriculum learning and major festivities.  We extend their understanding of the world around us and the people within it.  We also teach the children to think about other less wealthy and distant countries like Malawi and how we can support them and also learn from them ourselves.  We have established a strong link with Mkunkhu Junior Primary School and its local community through a charity, African Vision Malawi. 

We have a wonderful community of dedicated and hard working parents, carers, governors and staff all of whom work in partnership together to support each other, the children and the development of the school.  We also work closely with other local schools, building professional relationships and  providing opportunities for the children to engage in activities with others. 

As an infant school (3-7 years) we have a wonderful Early Years and offer varied Nursery provision including both 15 hour provision for all and 30 hour provision (full time) for a certain number of children.   We have 120 full time places for our Reception Classes.  The children then go onto Key Stage 1 where we have 4 Year 1 and 3 Year 2 Classes.  

We would love you to visit the school to hear about and experience for yourselves what we have to offer.   

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to meeting you.  

Miss L Thorndycraft