English skills are essential to attainment in school and opportunities throughout life.

We teach English skills through a carefully selected range of high quality children’s literature using a scheme, the Power of Reading. Using a range of picture books as stimulus, we teach lessons which develop the children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing. Children engage with high quality picture books, poetry, novels and non-fiction through a wide range of teaching approaches. An entry point into the text may be through drama, puppetry, discussion or role-play. As well as using a variety of books we teach writing through cross curricular topics. 

Pupils are taught key skills to help them plan and edit their work, learning to proof-read and improve their own writing, as well as having opportunities to discuss their writing with peers. Pupils’ stamina for writing is developed through extended writing tasks which are linked to other areas of the curriculum. We develop pupils’ competence in the accuracy of grammar, punctuation and spelling through discreet lessons. 

All attempts are acknowledged and praised from the earliest forms of mark making to writing in complex sentences. We gradually extend the children’s skills, helping them to sound out new words and order their thoughts until they eventually become confident, independent writers.