Maths & Financial Literacy


At Cheam Common Infants’ Academy, we recognise and embrace that mathematics is an important and essential part of everyday life. We provide pupils with a high-quality education through a Teaching for Mastery approach to ensure pupils have not only a deep understanding, but  develop into confident mathematicians and are:

Fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and apply it to unknown facts. 

  • Can articulate their mathematical reasoning both verbally and in writing.
  • Can solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge in a range of contexts.
  • Link mathematics to the wider world.

The KS1 mathematics curriculum is based upon ‘Maths- No Problem!’ resources which are fully supported by the Department for Education as they meet the requirements of the new curriculum. The Maths-No Problem! primary school series has been created specifically for pupils living in the UK and is fully aligned to the 2014 curriculum. It provides all the elements that teachers need to teach Maths mastery with confidence and immerses pupils in the language to be able to confidently communicate their understanding of key concepts and reasoning, which is vital for developing pupils’s metacognition. 

National Curriculum

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Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy is essential to a good education for us here at Cheam Common Infants. pupils are exposed to different aspects of financial literacy; being taught it formally in KS1 to being exposed to it through their play in Early Years. We also take part in the Annual Young Enterprise ‘My Money Week’. This provides innovative fun and engaging ways for pupils to apply their previous learning and gain an insight into our financial world.

Learning will be delivered alongside our commitment to the LEO Pupil Outcomes by developing pupils’s financial literacy skills to become leaders and life-long learners. Furthermore, we want to equip pupils with the awareness that having and spending money is not the root of all happiness. 

We want to prepare our pupils to have a brighter financial future with an informed mind-set towards finance, leading to fulfilled, happy and purposeful lives.

Financial Literacy Progression Map