In Geography pupils are engaged and inspired by a curriculum designed to encourage them to be curious and interested in the world in which they live. At CCI, we begin our Geography journey in the Early Year Foundation Stage by exploring our immediate environment. pupils are exposed to maps through stories and  observations and are encouraged to draw their own simple maps. There are many opportunities to investigate their natural world and develop their Knowledge and Understanding of the World such as  identifying the seasons and the hands-on exploration of materials. 

We understand that Geography is key to becoming informed and responsible citizens of the world therefore our lessons aim to motivate and inspire young learners using; fieldwork, map work, discussions and research. In KS1 pupils learn the skills needed to undertake an inquiry and use a range of sources to communicate geographical information in different  ways. They investigate their local area (Worcester Park) and beyond their local community (including the United Kingdom, North & South Poles and China) looking at both the  physical and human features of the world. pupils explore different types of weather as they progress through the Key Stages and apply this knowledge to compare their home country to a different country. Contrasting localities are chosen to reflect the diversity of our community enabling pupils to see themselves within the geography curriculum.

Each strand of geography is covered and revisited so that pupils retain and build upon prior learning.


Progression map 

Geography National Curriculum