Art and Design

Our intent at Cheam Common Infants Academy is to ensure that basic Art skills and experiences are exposed from Nursery and taught from Reception to Year 2 with a clear progression of knowledge, skills and understanding.  We follow and use the  Access Art curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that learning opportunities are progressive and all pupils have a chance to build on their prior knowledge, understanding and skill set. Art is a creative tool used to communicate and express ideas and responses to what we experience in the world around us.  As pupils develop their personal styles, they will have the opportunity to explore colour, form, patterns and texture through a variety of techniques and processes.  Our Art curriculum is designed to give the pupils the skill sets and artistic experiences needed to fuel their imagination and allow them to flourish as artists.

Furthermore, we strive to incorporate the arts and culture frequently within all areas of our learning to enrich our whole school curriculum. In addition, we pride ourselves on celebrating the inclusivity of the arts across the curriculum and promote pupils’s wellbeing and creativity through a plethora of cultural capital opportunities including, artist workshops and collaborating with the local community. Throughout Early Years and Key Stage One,  pupils should have the opportunity to explore a range of artists (traditional, modern and contemporary). They explore a variety of materials and mediums and engage with a variety of themes both historical and current to develop their creativity. We also value the importance of all pupils using individual sketchbooks in Key Stage One to enable their ideas to grow, develop new ideas and make connections within their learning. Learning should be progressive and the curriculum is intended to follow a sequence to allow pupils to continuously build on skills. 

Overall, the Art curriculum at Cheam Common Infants aims to encourage pupils to become inquisitive, brave and creative artists who are able to interpret the world around them in order to create inspiring and original work, using a range of materials and skills.


Art and Design Progression map 

Art and Design National Curriculum