Spoken Language & Oracy

At Cheam Common Infants’ we hold a firm belief in the pivotal role of spoken language in shaping our pupils' academic and personal growth. We believe that effective communication and language proficiency serve as the foundations for success in literacy and beyond.

Embedded within our educational pedagogy is a dedicated focus on nurturing oracy skills across the curriculum. We empower them to explore concepts through dialogue, construct persuasive arguments, engage in respectful discourse, and develop critical thinking abilities while expressing themselves clearly and confidently. Aligned with the comprehensive oracy skills framework, our teaching addresses four key dimensions: physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social-emotional aspects. Through purposeful planning and diverse learning experiences, including drama, talk partners,  collaborative tasks, storytelling, problem solving and real-world interactions, we ensure that speaking skills are not confined to the classroom but permeate all aspects of school life.

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, and by nurturing respectful and productive relationships, we reinforce the importance of effective communication among staff,pupils, families, and the wider community.

Oracy Progression Map