Our history curriculum is designed to captivate and inspire pupils, fostering a genuine curiosity about both the history of Britain and the wider world. We equip our students with the necessary knowledge and critical thinking skills to explore historical narratives, evaluate sources, construct informed perspectives and evaluate evidence with confidence. By using our local community and beyond, we provide rich opportunities for pupils to deeply understand the historical fabric of their surroundings.

Through a comprehensive approach that integrates key disciplinary skills and substantive knowledge, our students develop a nuanced understanding of diverse cultures, peoples, and events that have shaped our global landscape. Emphasizing chronological awareness, students learn to contextualize historical events and appreciate the complexities of societal evolution.

We prioritise diversity and inclusivity in our curriculum, carefully selecting resources and materials to ensure a comprehensive and intercultural representation of the past. Enriching experiences, such as visits to local historical landmarks like Hampton Court and The Tower of London, further deepen students' understanding and appreciation of history. To support discussions, we employ structured stem sentences and tier 3 vocabulary, catering to the needs of all students, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Through these inclusive practices, we aim to cultivate a community of historically literate individuals who can navigate the complexities of the past and understand its relevance to the present and future

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History National Curriculum