At Cheam Common Infants’ Academy we follow the National Curriculum, planning lessons to encourage our children to observe, investigate, question and predict for themselves.
The science curriculum is divided into 4 parts.
  • Experimental and investigative science
  • Life processes and living things
  • Materials and their properties
  • Physical processes
Children develop scientific skills through practical activities. They have opportunities to predict, plan and carry out fair tests, record, observe and reach conclusions about their findings. Within each academic year, children will study a range of scientific topics as well as build on skills to help develop scientific enquiry.

In Year One children study the topics of:
  • Animals Including Humans, Everyday Materials
  • Seasonal Change
  • Plants
In Year Two children study the topics of:
  • Animals Including Humans
  • Uses of Everyday Materials
  • Living Things and their Habitats
  • Plants

Each Class is able to attend Forest School, our environmental area, that we are fortunate to share with Cheam Common Juniors Academy.
Each year we plan a Science day.
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