Expected Behaviour of Parents and Visitors


1.1. The LEO Academy Trust welcomes visitors to our academies. We will act to ensure the academies remain a safe place for pupils, staff and all other members of the community. If a parent/carer has concerns we will always listen to them and seek to address them. 

1.2. The LEO Academy Trust expects that members of the public, parents and other visitors to our academies will behave in a polite and courteous manner to each other, to staff and to pupils. It is expected that parents and carers will be good role models with respect to conduct and managing individual concerns. 

1.3. The LEO Academy Trust will not tolerate aggressive, violent, abusive or anti-social behaviour towards anyone on the academy site. This includes abusive telephone calls and abuse using cyber technology. Should there be clear evidence that there has been a breach of this behaviour code, The LEO Academy Trust will take action, or support the Principal of an academy in taking action, to protect members of the academy community. This may include banning the individual from the academy premises or pursuing other legal action.


2.1. Types of behaviour that are considered serious and unacceptable include (but are not limited to):  

  • Shouting at members of academy staff, either in person or over the telephone  

  • Physically intimidating a member of staff e.g. standing very close to her/him  

  • The use of aggressive hand gestures  

  • Threatening behaviour or language  

  • Shaking or holding a fist towards another person  

  • Swearing  

  • Pushing  

  • Hitting e.g. slapping, punching and kicking  

  • Spitting  

  • Breaching school security procedures 


  • Make an appointment to see the relevant person. If you just turn up at the academy, they may not be able to give you the time you need.  

  • Make a note of the things that you are unhappy about. It will help to clarify the issues and help you when you meet the member of staff.  

  • Don’t jump to conclusions. What made you angry may not be exactly what happened in reality. 

  • Deal with your anger before going to the academy. An angry confrontation will normally get a defensive response rather than a helpful one. Academy staff may also refuse to talk to you while you are angry, so you will have achieved nothing.  

  • Consider having a friend with you when you have your meeting if you find it difficult to manage meetings.  

  • Don’t expect an immediate solution. The person you’re talking to may need to investigate your concerns before being able to take any action or reach a solution. 

  • If you feel that your concern has not been dealt with effectively you should ask for a copy of the academy complaints procedure. This will tell you the informal and formal procedure for taking your concerns further. 


4.1. If a parent or carer behaves in an unacceptable way towards a member of the academy community the Principal or designated member of staff will seek to resolve the situation through discussion. 

4.2. Following an incident there are a number of options the Principal may wish to take. These can include:  

  • Inviting the parent to a meeting to discuss the event.  

  • Clarifying to the parent what is considered acceptable behaviour by the academy.  

  • Forming strategies to manage future situations of potential conflict. 

  • Withdrawing permission for the parent to enter the academy site and/or buildings. 

In more serious cases of actual or threatened aggression/violence, or persistent abuse/intimidation, Principals  may need to consider whether it is safe for the parent to continue to come onto the academy site or enter the buildings and may withdraw permission for a person to enter the academy site for a defined period.