Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum is designed and implemented in such a way that it builds on prior knowledge and skills and lays the foundation for future learning. 

Each themed unit  begins with an entry point which introduces the children to the  learning that they will be engaging in. This is followed by a knowledge harvest and activities that explain main ideas that they will be learning about. Throughout the unit the children are given opportunities to research and record in a variety of ways including using technology. This is where the children develop, practice and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding. Exit points conclude the unit and this is where the children are given opportunities to reflect on and celebrate their learning.

English, (phonics) and Maths are taught daily. Please see our ReadingWritingPhonics and Mathematics pages for further details.

Digital Strategy 

Technology sits at the heart of LEO Teaching and Learning Strategy and enhances learning for children as well as transforming how staff and children can work together collaboratively. 

Every classroom in EYFS and KS1 has access to a wide range of devices that are used to deliver great teaching and learning for all pupils. Teaching and learning is enhanced through the use of a wide range of tools including Seesaw and Google Classroom.


Specialist Teaching

Children enjoy lessons which are delivered by subject specialists and instructors.

These include a Sports coach, LEO Director of Music and Forest School teacher. 

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